Sunday, August 3

What day IS it?

I must apologize for the confusion with the dates and tour "days".
We don't get internet access every day and sometimes it's 2 or 3 days until we post.
By that time there is the usual confusion about what was seen where and when.
The fact is that I don't wear my watch because , who cares what day it is?
So we will try to keep the posts in consecutive order of time but the dates may be a bit off.
Today, we are still in Valdez and have booked a tour by boat to see the Prince Rupert Sound.
I want to see what all the fuss is about concerning these bits of ice falling into the water...:)


Raouf said...

What an adventure. Great riding by both. Excellent pictures.
Don't worry about the date thing, we can figure out. You have other stuff to worry about.

Thanks for taking us along.

R Wilson

cm punk said...

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