Saturday, August 2

Greetings from Tok, Alaska

This is our cabin for the night. So pretty and quiet, and comes with a home made belgian waffle breakfast in the morning.

It's been a very long few days, with much to report. However, I am so very tired right now that a short post is all I'm up to.

Some truly amazing roads. The weather gods have declined to favour us with their grace, and so most of the time is spent riding in brutal windchill (12 degrees at 100 kmh = brrrr) and sometimes rain.

But I'm happy as hell. The ride has been challenging, and while I haven't permanently eradicated some of my fears (i.e. heights), I've at least been able to overcome them long enough to avoid doing something stupid.

We're off to Valdez, AK, tomorrow for a few nights, and hopefully I'll be able to get some of the stuff out of my head and onto the blog. In the meantime, I've uploaded some more pictures to Flickr (no editing other than resizing), and have updated the route maps on MapMyRide:

Day 9: Telkwa, BC - Stewart, BC
Day 10: Stewart, BC - Dease River Crossing, BC
Day 11: Dease River Crossing, BC - Skagway, AK
Day 12: Skagway, AK - Haines Junction, YK
Day 13: Haines Junction YK to Tok, AK

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