Monday, August 25

All good things come to an end...

We had considered going to Manitoulin Island for a couple of days camping (just to say we used the stuff...) but decided to just head home instead.
Now this doesn't mean a rush along the major highways but rather a nice easy pace down 69 (coffee break at French River) to 169, through Bala and down a tiny side road #13 (coffee break here too)witch is one of the best kept secret roads in the near north.
This winding, twisting stretch of pavement runs through the woods and really allows the rider to test all their skills!
169 takes us around lake Simcoe (coffee break by the lake) and eventually down the 404.
We deviated from the DVP and took Don Mills in and 49 stop lights later, parked in the underground.
There was much rejoicing!
Cost of fuel...much!
cost of rooms...much more!
Trip of a life time...PRICELESS!
Thanks to everyone we met along the way for helping to make this a fantastic event...:)
We bid you farewell and hope to be able to post a new adventure next year.

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