Monday, August 25

The Big Nickel and the flu...

So we blasted off from TBay around noon and made good time along hwy 11/17 to Wawa.
I must say that even after the awesome scenery in Alaska and the Yukon, the trip along the shore of Lake Superior still holds up as a great road with some fantastic views!
The Sportsman Motor Inn (Spend a night not a fortune) was the stopover in Wawa and a trip made to the General Store for the famous Summer sausage.
The next morning was sunny and not too hot as we set out for Sudbury.
Arrival at Kat's brothers place was conveniently timed to catch a supper of home grown produce and fresh caught fish.
Unfortunately, Kats nephew was under the weather with a touch of flu and we hardly were able to spend much time with him.
As it was, I was able to do a small welding repair job on Kats bike with the help of brother Doug.
A nights rest at no charge was welcome...:)

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