Saturday, August 16

The End is the Beginning

Dawson creek is "mile 0"of the Alaskan Highway.
Of course, we had to stop and take a photo of the bikes at the sign.
We have traveled the Alaska Highway and most of the paved roads available.
This marks the official end of the Alaskan Adventure and the completion of a "trip of a lifetime"!
The remainder of the ride will be back across to Ontario via the Canadian route rather than going into the US.
After an overnight in Grand Prairie Alberta we stopped for a complete day off at our friends place in Edmonton.
Jim and Heathers hospitality allowed for a relaxing day for Kat to float around in the pool while I tinkered with the bikes.
An oil change and good clean-up were in order.
Big High Five to our friends for a nice time to chat and catch up...:)
We have found out that Kats nephew , whom we don't see very often, is going to be in Sudbury next week so we have planned a "sprint" across the country to meet up.
It looks like 4 days of roughly 800km (500miles) a day will be required.
As it is,the weather is excellent for that time and the roads are smooth and flat...VERY flat!
There are no stunning views around the corners and no challenging road conditions so it,s in with the iPods and just roll the distance by listening to music.

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