Tuesday, August 19

T Bay stopover

As Kat indicated, we have had to stay an extra day in Thunder Bay to get a new back tire for the Virago.
It's difficult to estimate tire wear and considering we have traveled 14,000km, the estimate was only off by 1500km.
A local bike shop has ordered a good quality Perelli tire up from Toronto and , in the end, hasn't cost much more than if we bought it at home.
They have a 30% discount on Pirelli which offset the air shipping.
All in all, it has been as convenient as could be expected and we were able to book much needed massages.
The motel room in Kekabeca Falls in nice and inexpensive.
A good day off, considering that we might have been stuck out on the highway somewhere looking for a tow truck!
Now we are getting ready to head down to the shop and get the tire installed then try and cover 1000km by mid afternoon Wednesday and visit family in Sudbury.

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