Saturday, August 2

Skagway..or..."What's in your wallet?"

Skagway is a neat little town wedged between the mountains with a rugged pass out to the north and port to the south.
In times passed the adventurous prospectors would arrive by ship and after spending their cash on over priced goods and services , would head out and up the mountain pass to their fortunes...or not.
These days, the cruise ships, sometimes 3 deep, unload their "adventurous" passengers who head into town and, well, spend their cash on overpriced goods and services!
Up to 3000 walking wallets every day!

The 1 hour ferry ride to Haines is uneventful but does provide a different view of the rugged terrain and a chance to let someone else do the driving for a while...:)
A short ride along the coast brings us to Haines where we fuel up and check tires and such.
I stopped our exit from town at a NAPA auto parts store in search of some oil for Kats bike.
Not an emergency issue but it was a touch lower than I like.
Buddy there says he doesn't have motorcycle oil but says if I go to the "Pioneer" there is an AMSOIL dealer.
Turns out the Pioneer is the local bar and a guy named Bob Fowler is dealing AMSOIL from the side door.
So I walk in to this dark, old, seedy building and slide up to the bar and say,
"I'm here to see Bob Fowler"
"Is that so?"
The barkeep hustles away to the back room and a second later Bob appears.
"What can I do for you?"
"I need a quart of your best"
He sizes me up and walks away.Moments later he hands me a quart of the very oil I'm running in both bikes.
"What do I owe you?"
"It's on the house"
High fives to Big Bob Fowler from Haines AK for helping a brotha out...:)
I thanks him very much and we are on our way to the Chillkat Mountain Pass.

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