Sunday, August 10

Back to the beginning...

Even though we have decided not to go to the Kenai or Denali, we thought that if we have come this far, we should go t the start or end of he Alaskan highway.
So it's off to Delta Junction on a reasonably dry and partly clear day.
It's a fairly uneventful trip with the usual rain as we head into the hills.
There was one stop at a roughly built "lodge" in the middle of nowhere for a bowl of the best homemade beef noodle soup.
Ahhhhhhh...nice and warm too!
We stopped in Delta for the usual tourist photos at the highway marker.
Met a French family that were traveling in a European camper style trailer and had traveled through Europe,South America, Australia, North America and more,
The camper is shipped by boat and they meet it and continue on.
Accommodations were found about 15km south of Delta at the Silver Fox.
Nice cozy cabin with a kitchen and sleeping "loft"'s basically a hunters cabin but well priced and quiet.

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