Monday, August 11

We must be on our way home, gas is getting cheaper

The most we've paid for gas on this trip was $1.89 (that's about $7.55 a gallon for you Yanks). Last night's price for a fill up was $1.54 so the ride home (and to cheaper gas) is underway.

We rolled into Watson Lake around 6-ish last night. the first thing that caught our eye was the Sign Post Forest - over 66,000 and counting.

So much to tell; the Ride From Hell, Dawson City, how punchy riding on smooth pavement with sunshine made me.

But it's getting on in the morning, and we're off soon to Fort Nelson. Going to try for another Internet location tonight, and will update then. There are more pics posted on Flickr.

Hope everyone is doing well!

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OhCaptain said...

I can't wait to hear the stories! Very much looking forward to it!

So glad to hear that the blood might be flowing through your knuckles normally again :-)