Tuesday, July 22

Days one and two

Day One:

We left Toronto pretty much on schedule, but in the middle of a rainstorm that was torrential in places.

This is where we learned that the manufacturers of motorcycle gear define "waterproof" a bit differently than we do.

The weather cleared up around London, and the rest of the day was fairly sunny. There was about an hour backup at the border crossing in Sarnia, most of it spent ON TOP of the bridge. Yay.

The rest of the day was fairly uneventful; there's not much you can say about highway travel. We made it in to Ludington around 8, and had an interesting dinner at the Hunan Palace before crashing at the Nova Motel.

Day Two:

Today was a light riding day, due to taking the Badger ferry across Lake Michigan. It's a far nicer to sit and play Scrabble rather than fighting the traffic around Chicago.

Then is was plug in the ipod and super slab it across to Rochester to meet up with

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