Friday, July 25

Day Three

We left the Oh Captain household at about 8:30 this morning. I really wish we could have stayed longer to hang out with them a bit more, so I could have looked at more of his photos and listen to Oh Countess tell stories with that lovely Minnesotan accent of hers. Oh, and to play with the girls a bit with their merry brown eyes and giggles.

But a lovely day of interstate travel was ahead of us. More ipod. In a not unrelated sidenote, WHAT was I thinking, putting the full-length 15-minute long version of Nick Cave's I'm On Fire on a traveling playlist?? It went on and on and on and on, much like I-94.

I have a new version of hell. Being stuck behind a full livestock truck on a sunny, warm day, Extra hell points if the livestock in question is pigs.

But the ride was good. We only hit construction in a few places, there were no major slowdowns, and the weather gods were kind enough to make it sunny and in the mid 20's. t was a good day of watching the rolling cornfields of Minnesota change to the rolling grasslands of North Dakota.

We finally called it a day around 8, rolling into a small town called Medina, just off I-94. And before you ask, it's neither funky nor cold *grin. It's one of those little towns with one main street, and 6 or 7 little cross streets running off it. at 8 pm, the only thing open was the Dairy Freeze and the bars.

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OhCaptain said...

We wish you could have stayed longer too!